At Good Choice Finance, we are always looking to find additional ways to further assist our clients.  We have selected a few highly competent, well respected partners in their chosen industries who hold the same value for quality service in their professional field.

Residential and Commercial Insurance

We want to make sure you have the appropriate insurance to go with your newly acquired asset or business. These experts can assist you with car, marine and vehicle insurance, home and contents and landlord insurance in the residential space. The commercial insurance experts can also assist with all other insurances in the commercial industry.

Mortgage Protection

We believe it is so important to have finance tailored to your needs and equally important to protect your assets and financial future that you have worked so hard to create. That is why we have Mortgage Protection products and services that we can offer. Ask us at your next meeting.

Financial Advisors

Are you considering investing in your future? This is where a financial advisor can help develop a plan with you to start striving towards your financial goals. They can assist with retirement strategy, combining superannuation into a better fund to save fees or develop a budget plan to get you into a better financial position overall.

Investor – Buyers Agents

Are you looking to create an investment portfolio to increase your financial wealth? We have industry experts that can develop your ideal property investment strategy. With a complimentary service they work hard for you by sourcing, negotiating and acquiring the best available property for you.


Specialists offering our clients with expert advice and excellent service in conveyancing, business legal advice and family law. It all helps to stream line the legal service to make it easier for you and help reduce the stress in your life.